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REMINDER Saying ‘not financial advice’ won’t keep you out of jail — Crypto lawyers


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REMINDER On this day 13 years ago, a trade was done when forum user paid 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas. Happy Bitcoin Pizza day.


Right now it's May 22nd, at least on my timezone, which means 13 years ago Laszlo Hanyecz, a BTCtalk forum user decided he wanted to trade Bitcoin for some real life good. As pretty much most of you know he made a deal with another user that he would order him 2 pizzas in exchange for 10,000 BTC and the rest is history.

Since then this has become a day called Bitcoin Pizza day celebrated amongst crypto community. By today's Bitcoin prices he paid about 135 million USD for each pizza. So hopefully it was a pretty great pizza for Laszlo that he doesn't regret buying.

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REMINDER A reminder that no politician is your friend and especially during this presidential race there will be a lot of talk about Crypto, but just for the votes.


We seem to be at that period of the year again where you will see politicians at their highest activity ever, just to farm some votes. Especially as elections all around the world and US are about to happen. But this is also another important time to remember how we should not trust any of those politicians, even if they seem the most pro-Crypto possible.

One recent example of that may be the US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., who was just invited on the Bitcoin Miami conference where thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts meet, under which also Micheal Saylor was.

Robert Kennedy Jr. just could not stop himself from using this as a political stage to get some votes, off us.


Statements from Robert Kennedy Jr. at the Bitcoin conference in Miami

Here we can see some of his quotes and how he is just repeating the much-used promises of making US a “global hub“ for Crypto, I really believe every country by now has said to become the “global hub“ for Crypto. But obviously all of those are mostly just empty promises to get votes off our small crypto community.

Maybe he even is honest while talking about Crypto, but are you really going to vote for someone just because he/she is for Crypto? Deciding the leader of your country should have a lot more criteria than just Crypto.

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REMINDER Reminder: Check and revoke unwanted permissions on your wallet.


if you use your wallets a lot, connecting it everywhere and signing smart contracts and other permissions for stuff like NFTs etc., then you need to make sure to check on them at least semi-regularly.

Use the revoke.cash website, and connect your wallet. From there you can see all the things you have given access permission to, and all the things you have signed.

Make sure that if you see anything suspicious, old, unused, or generally non-recognizable, then make sure to revoke right there and then. There might be something that was once trusted that isn't anymore due to getting compromised or something.

You can also check on this site instantly after you're not sure if you did something wrong or right with signing some permission, and you can attempt to revoke instantly before any harm is done if you're lucky.

Also remember that just connecting your wallet or signing a message, usually can't cause any harm or need to be worried about. Only be extra attentive and cautious when signing contracts and such, and take the time to READ carefully.

Remember that no one cares about making you money, or airdropping you free stuff, and if they do, it's most likely a scam. Make burner wallets on new browser profiles (possible in brave) if you're unsure about something.

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REMINDER Never forget what Robinhood did during the last bullrun, a warning to new people just learning about crypto.


First up, Robinhood is a regulated trading platform that also includes crypto, it is fully regulated under US laws by the SEC. Yes, that SEC. During the bullrun of 2021 when prices were starting to spike, they disabled people from being able to buy crypto or load money onto your account. The reason they gave was ' extraordinary market conditions. ' In reality the bullmarket wasn't at its peak yet which would only occur November of 2021. It was starting to heat up and naturally people wanted to get in a bit earlier so they can make a profit.

People were so angry that they left 100K+ negative reviews for Robinhood which Google went and removed for them. See what happens when a crypto service is under government control. They literally cheated retailers out of potential profits and are still operating today and many people still use them!

This is a warning, they also did it with GME which was a different stock, but we won't get off topic, you can google that if you want to know more. Just a heads up because the Btc halving is less than a year away, stay away from Robinhood. With them it's not a matter of if, but when. They will cheat you or potentially even steal from you, so why take the risk? Steer clear and buy and trade your crypto through other means, of course do your due diligence but whatever you do, don't do Robinhood.

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REMINDER Reminder: Trezor Shamir Backup is fundamentally secure


So I was very active in this space during the last 2 days, and a lot of people claimed something similar to: "Trezor also has a similar backup feature".

This is not true.

But let's look into the facts. Trezor Model T has a function called Shamir backup, which has a nice info page here. This uses Shamir’s Secret Sharing to create a number of "shards", and you can decide how many are needed to reconstruct the wallet. Here are a few very relevant details:

  • Shamir Backup is available as an option only once after you create your wallet. You decide if your Trezor shows you the seed words or the Shamir shares.
  • They use an open source algorithm which is documented here. Anyone can verify it and the recovery outside of a Trezor hw-wallet is possible if required.
  • The shares are displayed only on the screen of the device in seed words so they are easy to write down. Your shares and seed remain cold.
  • Only you get in contact with your offline shares, and you are responsible for storing / hiding them.

What Shamir Backup doesn't do:

  • It does not create shares at any time later while using the wallet
  • It does not send the shares to the PC
  • It does not share your shares with some random companies

tl;dr: Trezor did an excellent implementation of a great feature with Shamir Backup. It's useful and fundamentally secure. Comparing this to a recently announced feature of a competitor is simply wrong.

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REMINDER Remember to use burner wallets.


Theres many scams around the crypto space. Be extra cautious and always assume something might be a scam.

But if you are Unsure, instead of authorizing whatever you are doing on your main wallet, do it on a burner wallet instead.

Making burner wallets is quick and easy and will be well worth it in the occasion of a scam.

Heres how to make burner Metamask wallets on desktop: Make a new browser profile (possible on brave browser), and install the Metamask plugin there and create your new burner wallet. Easy.

You can make multiple accounts in the same wallet, but they will all share the same phrase.

If your browser doesn’t support profiles, use a different browser for the burner wallet, or just switch to brave browser completely.

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REMINDER I really hope we have learned from our mistakes from the past bull run by now and won‘t be using sites such as Robinhood anymore.


Everyday you live through right now is just one day closer to the next bull market, whenever that may come. But we have a lot of things to do before that happens anyway, that is mostly reflecting on our previous bull market to make sure that we don‘t make the same mistakes again. If we waited for two years now for a bull market, but just make the same stupid mistakes, it was all for nothing basically.

Reflecting and improving upon your prior mistakes is probably one of the most important actions to take, especially here in Crypto, so let‘s have a look at some of the big ones (from my personal experience):

  1. Not selling, yeah just holding onto your coins is not always good especially if you invested in a project just for the profits, then you should also have the courage to take those profits.

  2. FOMOing, by now we should know that by the time everyone here is talking about something you already missed the train with the big profits and will now just become some exit liquidity.

  3. Using the right platforms.

Yeah this one may be one of the most important, especially even after 2022. You have to choose the sites carefully where you store your Crypto and where you also trade some. The grand example for that may be Robinhood. Yeah, in 2021 Robinhood was all the hype and everyone wanted their Crypto Wallets on it and the listings of Cryptos like DOGE on there was heavily anticipated. Many were just too late to see how they were manipulating the prices themselves.

Hopefully we will stay true to our words and be stronger, wilder, faster and most importantly smarter during our next bull market.

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REMINDER How I lost $87k USDC in Finblox platform and the CEO is refusing to return my money




Finblox is a crypto lending platform like Celcius or Blockfi that also offer other services like crypto swap or launchpad. Last year were lending customers funds irresponsibly and lost millions dollars of users funds but unlike other platforms they did not go bankrupt and simply said 'LOL SORRY YOU LOST YOUR LIFE SAVINGS', quickly modified their Terms of Service and froze the funds.

Around 50% of all USDC was frozen and never returned to users while Finblox kept business as usual. Some users lost thousands or even millions while others lost life savings. I personally have around $87k USDC stuck in the platform. Finblox keeps refusing and I can not get my funds back.

Now they are running an ICO and they swapped the frozen USDC into their shitty FBX token without the permission from the users. A literal scam and fraud. There is also a lockup period for the token so the token will be useless because it will be dumped anyway.

Recently on their website they said that US users are not allowed to use the platform and yet they still converted the USDC from USA based users into their stupid FBX token.

They are obviously insolvent and trying to stay alive by selling their shitty token basically running a Ponzi scheme.

On top of that they are currently being investigated by Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong for Suspected Unauthorised CIS and in order to escape the legal problems they recently moved to British Virgin Islands as FBX Technology Ltd. registered BVI Company with company number BC# 2090058 but they preform financial services despite not having a license to perform financial services. They are trying to switch countries to continue running their scam.

Additionally they are also banning/blocking anyone from social media who mentions the frozen funds and are buying positive reviews on all review websites while removing the negative ones and threatening to sue anyone who says anything negative about the platform.

Finblox CEO Peter Hoang been deflecting and refusing to give my money back, funnily enough Finblox actually paid off few people that had few hundreds/thousands stuck in the platform. They selected people who have been very loud on the social media and did not have a lot of money stuck in the platform and they simply unlocked the money in order to keep unhappy people quiet if the threats of suing did not work.

Me personally I will keep on telling people about this scam and make sure people do not use Finblox and do not buy their FBX token

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REMINDER Coffeezillas recent video just once again showed how you should NEVER trust some absurdly high gains.


I think many here have likely already watched Coffeezilla‘s recent video where he started exposing a $500M ponzi scheme that fooled many celebrities for their millions, if you have not I would very highly recommend doing so. But the video is not the main part of this post, instead the key point of that video.

Just as with many other times, also here people mostly invested because they heard success stories from their so-called friends and mainly because they get promised some delusive high gains. Delusive because we wall know that a business talking about 461000% gains can‘t be takes serious at all.

Sadly people once again fell for it and just as in Coffee‘s video shown and how it often also is in real-life, those people usually do not even know what the whole business is about and they have no clue as to how the company is possibly generating those massive gains to pay them out. For example, in Coffees video many have been talking about some kind of a mystery trading bot making those gains and some about so-called master trader, they all had no idea at all.

This is just all a big red flag and we all also made experience in that. May it be the big cashback promises, on that they swiftly had to scale back as soon as the bear market hit or the big yields on stablecoins like UST or lenders like Celsius. If you see anything that seem too good to be true, it very likely is not true.

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REMINDER Just remember, when you are excited enough to make screen-shots of you profits, that‘s when you should sell.


It seems to be that time again of a Crypto rally where many random shitcoins just randomly take off. This kind of a “meme coin rally“, as many already call it, is usually also a top indicator for the preceding move up in all of Crypto. The order is always the same: First Bitcoin pumps, then ETH pumps, then alts pump and at last random shitcoins.

Even with that in mind many seem to FOMO into the latest shitcoins as PEPE, AIDOGE or what not. While quite a few right now are also in profits as the bought a bit earlier and there was enough money to pump something like PEPE even into the top 100 cryptos.

But through all of that FOMO and euphoria some are experiencing right now, they seem to forget what the fate from all the previous meme coin rallys as right now were, they always end in a rug-pull or Bitcoin starts moving down a bit more and they suddenly drop -80% in one day.

Those that are actually in profits right now may be very happy, but remember. The golden rule is that, as soon as you are so happy that you taking screenshots of you profits to send it to a friend, this is exactly the time where you should also be taking those profits and not miss-out.

I can even speak from experience, as during 2021 I ran a shitcoin from a $10 investment all the way up to $200, but did not take profits. Until this day it is still by far my biggest missed opportunity, don‘t be like me.

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REMINDER Another reminder that you should stay away from the big crypto influencers - episode BitBoy


Promising the world and trying to better his life, that's what BitBoy wants you and me to believe. I have been always very frustrated by the way these kind of characters act. They keep on doing it, keep on getting caught and just continue to do it.

A recent example involves that fat face BitBoy :


After being committed to never sell the shitcoin BEN he sold it anyway. It isn't a surprise, but again, this should be a reminder for everyone in this space. And especially those that are new to nit believe these big influencers.

Usually the ones with large follower amounts and a lot of emoticons and shitcoin shilling are red flags. Be careful. And let's unfollow them, if you have not already done so.

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REMINDER Stop investing in HEX


It's simple, stop investing in HEX, just saw a post trying to say it's not a scam.


If a Crypto's website has FAQs like this then it's clearly a scam and if you have to question that then I don't know what to tell you and you're kinda hopeless.


No, it's not better than Bitcoin nor is it better than Litecoin even.

This is as simple of a scamcoin as it gets, no point in putting your money into something like this when you have Bitcoin. How much of a degen can one be?

And is founder? Well, he's basically a loser and no, HEX will never ever achieve all time highs again.

Do yourself a favor and if you have HEX, just get rid of it and move on to something better. No reason for me to dive deeper because clearly the FAQs tell you what this crypto is.

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REMINDER Algorand Governance


Just a quick reminder that the voting session for Algorand Governance Period 7 is opening today. There are six measures proposed for the vote.

“This period’s governance measures introduce a question about the continuation of recently deployed liquidity (measure 1), as well as questions about the reallocation of governance rewards to programs that benefit the growth of our ecosystem, such as DeFi rewards within governance (measure 2), targeted DeFi rewards distributed directly by the projects (measures 3 and 4), and NFT rewards (measures 4 and 5).”

Full details of the measures proposed are available on the governance website. Voting will remain open until the 14th of June.

Happy voting to all of my fellow Governors.

Best wishes, H.T.

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REMINDER Don‘t forget to put your family and friends first, Crypto will always stay here. Go out and spend some valuable time.


It is safe to say that we all here are the biggest Crypto “addicts“, a large portion of people on here right now were convicted and dedicated enough to survive a whole bear market to stay here on the other side of it. But being that kind of “addicted“ is essentially nothing bad actually, it just shows your high level of conviction for Crypto even in the worst of time. But it can potentially become bad…

Just as with any other addiction, you have to know the limit to it and most importantly the fact that the world consists of way more things out there. May it be your other hobbies, your family or your friends. The world is just huge and concentrating all of the time on one thing won‘t help you in any way.

Just as we always say to diversify your Crypto portfolio, you should also diversify the time you spend.

Obviously if you like Crypto, no one is stopping you form spending some time on this sub or looking at some charts, but overdoing that is not good at all. At the end of the day, Crypto will still be the same in a few months, literally nothing will change and some people having stress over it and checking charts in the middle of the nigh won‘t change anything either. Think of it as a game of chess, if you are in a bad spot there is nothing you can do about it, except taking the best possible next move.

Thus, you should remember that there is a lot more to life, no matter how bad the charts may look or even if we crab in the same range for over two months now, there is always something better to do outside there. Just going on a small jog or walking outside with no thoughts on your mind at all can be incredibly refreshing and once you come back nothing in Crypto would have changes at all, Bitcoin will still be mining the next block as before.

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REMINDER Your Hardware Wallet CAN be drained- even IF you keep your seed phrase secure! Are you safe? Please learn how to Revoke Allowances!


I see more and more people here reporting that they have been hacked, so I figured I'd write this post. TL:DR is on the bottom for those impatient crypto souls :) If even one person is saved, my late night rambling is worth it. I'm not a pro by ANY means, but I've been around the block long enough to know a thing or two, and lost a few dollars here and there ;) The goal of this post is to be as straight forward as possible, like if I was explaining this to a 5 year old. If you're experienced, you may find it a little boring.

Most new investors dabble in shitcoins available on DEX's while looking for those 1000x gains. They dig through telegram and discord channels looking for the next ETH. Not only are they new, and inexperienced, but now they're digging in the deep end of the pool. This is where the risk lies. The scammers love the deep end of the crypto pool...

Most crypto investors think that by having a hardware wallet and keeping their crypto on one, they are immune to being hacked and robbed. If you are one of those people (like I was in 2018), you are wrong. The old school wrench attack is not your worry here. Not revoking allowances is...

For starters, did you ever interact with ANY smart contract using your hardware wallet? If so, you gotta do some "clean up". By that, I don't mean disconnecting from a dapp in MetaMask. That won't help you, even if it makes you feel better.

***This token approval allowance check has to be done for every blockchain***

You can use etherscan or bsc scan to manually verify allowances on both chains if you do not feel confident using revoke dot cash. I know I didn't feel confident using it myself, until I verified the website through multiple sources.

Go to revoke(dot)cash and paste your wallet address,

or go to:


Better yet! To be safe, go to the legitimate etherscan website you always use, click on "More" in the right hand top corner, and under "Services" you will find the "Token Approvals" that will lead to the exact same link, as above :)

As to revoke(dot)cash, I wrote it like that so anybody can just type it in themselves without worrying about clicking on random links from reddit :)


What did you find?

Uniswap? Curve? 1inch? Maybe a shitcoin contract you interacted with 2 years ago?

Should you revoke allowances for an old school dapp such as Uniswap or Curve? You bet you should! What if THEY get taken for a ride due to a bug in their smart contract? Your money will be at risk.

Disconnecting your wallet from a dapp app doesn't keep you safe. This is a great explanation of why that is the case:

Revoking approvals vs. disconnecting apps: what's the difference?

It's easy to confuse these two processes, but they are fundamentally different:

  • Disconnecting your wallet from a dapp involves cancelling permission for it to see your public address and your token balances, and, depending on what you originally consented to, stopping it from initiating transactions (although not executing them) and viewing past activity.
  • Revoking an approval/allowance means a dapp can no longer access the contents of your wallet and move them around.

Source: https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/4446106184731-How-to-revoke-smart-contract-allowances-token-approvals

Here is a screenshot I will use as a reference:


Shitcoin galore, mostly :D

Now imagine there is USDC here, with an Unlimited Allowance, and an Authorized Spender you don't know. That contract will be able to drain your funds even if they are on a hardware wallet, hot wallet, metamask, paper wallet- you name it.

You won't even have to approve the transaction, you already did it once before if it says Unlimited.

Chances are, you didn't even know that you approved the smart contract to drain your wallet. Hey, I didn't know! I just clicked next!

Look at the Angela token authorized spender- would you trust that smart contract with your money if instead of some Angela shitcoin it was authorized to spend all your USDC? You sure wouldn't!

One day you wake up, and your money is gone. It happened to a few people here recently. One guy lost like $250k. His money was in a hardware wallet, safe, secure, locked away. It didn't matter. That's some life changing money to a lot of us regular working folks. People jumped from roof tops over losing much less.

Most of us are not experts in Solidity. If the wallet says we gotta approve a blind transaction, we do. Obviously, most of us can't read code, and the people stealing from us know that's our greatest weakness...


So to reiterate,

Check ALL your addresses

Revoke ALL the allowances (do this monthly, or even more frequently)


Your safest bet is to transfer your assets you are gonna play around with to a hot wallet, and interact with the smart contract you gotta interact with from that wallet only. No exceptions.

It's really easy to lose your money in this space. Crypto is not very user friendly yet. One wrong click can make you go broke.

Learn, invest, and stay safe :)

If you can add anything of value to this post, please do!

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REMINDER Making sense of blockchain! Even kids can understand.


Imagine you have a special notebook that you and your friends use to keep track of things. But this notebook is magical because once you write something in it, you can't erase or change it. It's like a permanent record of what you write.

Now, let's say you and your friends want to play a game where you exchange toys. Instead of trusting just one person to keep track of who has which toy, you all decide to use this magical notebook. Every time someone gives a toy to another person, they write it down in the notebook, including who gave the toy and who received it.

But here's the exciting part: instead of having just one notebook, everyone in your group has their own copy. So when something is written down in the notebook, all of your friends' notebooks are updated at the same time. This way, everyone knows who has which toy at any given time.

Because each person has a copy of the notebook, it's really hard for someone to cheat and change what's written inside. If someone tries to do that, all the other notebooks will notice the difference, and they will know that person is being dishonest.

That's kind of how blockchain works! Instead of toys, it keeps track of things like money or digital items. It's a way for lots of people to keep a record together, and it makes it very hard for anyone to change the information without everyone else knowing. This makes it a secure and trustworthy way to keep track of things without needing to rely on just one person or authority.

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REMINDER We are about 1 year out from the next Bitcoin halving. Here is what that Bitcoin halving means.


Imagine you have a big bag of candies, and you love to share them with your friends. But instead of giving away all the candies at once, you decide to give them out slowly over time. Bitcoin is like those candies, but instead of candies, it's like special coins that people can use to buy things. Bitcoin is made by computers, and there are a limited number of them that can ever be made. So just like you have a limited number of candies, there is a limited number of bitcoins that can be created. Now, the Bitcoin halving is when the number of new bitcoins that are made gets cut in half. It's like if you had 10 candies to give out to your friends, but then your mom said you could only give out 5 candies instead. That's what happens with Bitcoin halving. When the Bitcoin halving happens, it makes the supply of new bitcoins smaller. And when something becomes more limited, it can become more valuable. So some people think that when Bitcoin halving happens, the price of Bitcoin might go up because there are fewer new ones being made. But remember, just like with candies, you can't eat all the candies at once because then you won't have any left for later. That's why it's important to share them slowly. And with Bitcoin, people have to use them carefully and not spend them all at once, so they can be valuable for a long time. So, Bitcoin halving is when the number of new bitcoins being made gets cut in half, which might make them more valuable, just like if you had fewer candies to share with your friends

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REMINDER Coinbase is the Number One Holder of BTC with 2,000,000BTC and has nearly twice as much as Satoshi


Brian Armstrong, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, said that his company holds around 2 million bitcoin.

In a Twitter post, Armstrong showed the company’s BTC stash to dispel any ‘fear, uncertainty, and doubt’ (FUD).

Satoshi Nakamoto himself holds 1,100,000 Bitcoin which... well... does not look like a small amount, but I foolishly thought for a long time that probably he is the one holding the highest amount by far.

If we look at Coinbase's Bitcoin stash and want to convert it into USD in today's prices it would be $56,192,840,000.

Source(1): https://twitter.com/BTC_Archive/status/1595131094684565504?s=20

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REMINDER So I've been thinking about this thing of ours


I don't think many of you realize what this sub has accomplished in terms on innovation. Basically built a top notch social platforme for Crypto degens, Wich I honestly enjoy more than CT after spending years there.

I am kinda new here (couple of months) My dear friend who I studied my Master Degree in Finance with, got me in. And honestly, its so far a great positive thing to do in your spare time. Learn new things help out beginner folks that come here for info. Plus all the giggles I get in here from the hilarious comments.

and then there's the moon concept.

It's honestly mind blowing that this sub has accomplished what many projects with hundreds of millions funding failed to do. It's honestly the closest thing we've got to WEB3.

I think we should all take a minute from time to time and appreciate this great community. I've honestly learned in 2 months here some things that didn't know about in my 3 years of research. We definitely have some big brains here. And I try to also do my best to help out new comers with info that I verified.

Thanks to all the mods and contributors that made efforts to keep this thing going

R/CryptoCurrency is awesome 👐

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I can't take it anymore. The amount of shills that I hear about how we are still early is so cringe. We are not early. The early money was made already. People think Bitcoin will still reach millions of dollars. There are only 2 ways this happens. 1. Hyper inflation happens and a cup of coffee costs 100$ 2. 1 million in 20-30 years.

All these shills like Greg foss, plan b, Michael saylor etc they only have their own interests in mind when they go on you tube and these podcasts and shill ppl that this will hit astronomical numbers. It won't. Can it hit 100k by 2029-2030? I believe so but not 500k or 1 million. What ppl don't understand is what matters is market cap! Not the price. It's exponentially harder for BTC to go from 500 billion to a trillion then from 100 billion to 200 billion. The amount of capital that needs to come in is astronomical. Also some ppl talk about BTC as if it's a religion and solves all the world's problems. This is so cringe. When u have this kind of group think it's never good. Do I believe BTC is an amazing asset? Yes! 21 million, proof of work, the only real decentralized "crypto" but the real money was already made. Keep stacking and hopefully BTC will keep up with inflation. Curb your expectations.

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REMINDER Generation 3 Reddit Avatars Should Be Released Anytime Now


Fellow redditors, small reminder,

As you know, maybe even own some, Reddit has their own NFT Avatars, which you can see in your Vaults where you store your precious Moons.

There is new subreddit opened just for talking and trading Reddit Collectible Avatars r/CollectibleAvatars . Check those out!

So Reddit issued new contract on Polygon Network, where avatars are stored, so many collectors think that new avatars collection is about to drop in few days. You can buy them in Avatar Shop from Reddit app or web page on your desktop.


Gen 1 and Gen 2 Avatars catched really good hype and value. Rather than that they are pretty cool.

Reddit released 40,000 avatars of 90 different designs created by about 30 artists.

Prices of the avatars on Reddit’s marketplace sold at fixed prices of $9.99, $24.99, $49.99, $74.99, or $99.99, and are currently all sold out.

Last July 2.5 million wallets have been created to buy this NFT Avatars. Not to shabby.

There are already a lot of leaks on Twitter, you can find those posts in linked subreddits up in the post.

There are also talks about bigger collections now, so more people could grab themselves an Avatar or few.


What are your thoughts on Collectible Avatars on Reddit? Will you buy any?

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REMINDER The Sandwich Attack: The one sandwich even whales don’t want to eat! Protect your wallet and avoid getting sandwiched.


Sandwich attacks are a growing concern for cryptocurrency investors, with bots making millions while unsuspecting traders lose their hard-earned funds. In this type of attack, a bot takes advantage of a large transaction and buys the token before the deal is approved, raising the price and causing slippage. After the user sells at an inflated price, the bot quickly sells its tokens for a profit, leaving the victim with a significant loss.

#1. Kyberswap helped swap $2.03M to 0.05$

When USDC was plummeted, a user wanted to swap their $2.03M from the curve pool to USDT, but Kyberswap sent it to the Uniswap pool where there was no liquidity.

As a result, they sold $2.03M for 0.05$ -

Transaction hash: 0xde46a6bb1fc7834dde4d01428c88f84d65a607f4dc11b7f3dd710e86b7d226a8

But this is not a Sandwich Attack - it's just the user's carelessness, and they should have set a slippage. Therefore, one important lesson is to not forget about slippage, always set it and be prepared to lose all percentages.

#2. Bot Earns $78k in a Second

A user exchanged $13.4M USDT for USDC via 1inch. The bot caused a disbalance in the Curve pool in six transactions.

Therefore, 5.4M USDT exchanged for 5.28M USDC, and the bot earned its $78k, risking $500k at the moment, now this is a sandwich attack

Transaction hash: 0x29afdc352692a037a80d871fce20dd7515b70313860a63220c57529022ab22c7

Algorithm of Sandwich Bots

1. Scan Mempool for pending transactions.

2. Find a potential victim with high returns.

3. Use Flashbots to execute algorithms we describe above.

To protect yourself from falling victim to a sandwich attack, consider these tips:

  • Avoid making significant transactions during periods of high market volatility.
  • Double-check all transaction details, including gas and exchange rates, before signing off.
  • Use DEXs that offer anti-front running strategies to connect traders directly with trustworthy validators.
  • Employ tools that detect and prevent slippage, but be prepared to incur gas costs even if the transaction fails.
  • Divide a large sum into multiple transactions to avoid becoming a target for attackers.
  • Consider blockchains with alternative mechanics that operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Don't let a sandwich attack drain your funds. Stay vigilant and take steps to protect your investments.

Have you ever been sandwiched ? Discuss below

Some more sandwich attack profit made by the bots in the pic below :


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REMINDER Just lost a small chunk of ETH trying to ape into PEPE


Listen up, fellow crypto enthusiasts! If you're thinking about accessing an old hot wallet, you might want to proceed with caution. Why? Well, let me tell you a little story.

So, today I got the sudden urge to ape into PEPE. I mean, who wouldn't want to throw some small change at a coin named after a cartoon frog, right? Anyway, I decided to check out my old phone, where I had installed Metamask and an old unused hot wallet. I didn't think there was anything valuable in there, so I figured it was safe to use.

I copied the wallet address to my new phone, where I keep most of my holdings in a CEX, and transferred a small chunk of ETH to that address. I waited patiently for a few minutes, knowing that the network is currently congested. But after five minutes, then ten, then thirty, I still hadn't received my ETH.

Finally, I got a notification telling me that a transfer transaction had occurred 20 minutes ago, along with another transaction telling me that I had sent ETH to another wallet at almost the same time. It suddenly hit me - my freaking wallet had been compromised!

Now, I'm not exactly a whale in the crypto world, but losing 0.03 ETH isn't the end of the world for me. But it still hurts knowing that I basically threw money at a hacker. I had already resigned myself to losing every little dime of it anyway, since I was going to use it to ape into PEPE - a coin that pumped 1000x for no apparent reason a few months ago. But it would have been more thrilling to lose my money to a legitimate cause, you know?

Anyway, the moral of the story is: don't store anything for too long in your hot wallet, and change it up frequently. And if you do decide to ape into PEPE, make sure you do it with caution. Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a frog in your pocket instead of a hole in your wallet!


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REMINDER Revolut awards free Avalanche to solve a quiz!


Revolut is giving 1.50€ (in my country) in Avalanche cryptocurrency for solving 2 quizzes about cryptocurrencies!

Questions can be answered many times in case of wrong answers without impacting the rewards.

Remember, that Revolut app must be up-to-date


== Quiz 1 == 1. AVAX 2. The Avalanche Consensus Protocol uses less energy than other blockchains 3. Stake at least 2,000 AVAX tokens

== Quiz 2 == 1. Subnets 2. They can support compliance requirements. 3. More affordable gas fees.

The quiz can be found at the Crypto Tab, but I don’t know if everyone is eligible, if you are have fun and go grab the award right now!!