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GENERAL-NEWS Matt Damon Says He Did That Dumb Crypto.com Ad Because His Water Nonprofit Was 'Down'


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DISCUSSION Kraken is unprofessional


I’m glad I’ve still got CoinSpot being in Australia because I just got royally fucked. Basically I was on my computer withdrawing all my BTC & XRP funds to my wallet. And I know I sent them to the right wallets on the right network because I literally copied and pasted them to my clipboard. Well turns out while I was doing this kraken suspended my account. Took me about an hour to figure out what happened because their live chat wasn’t responding. The email basically said they have cancelled my account and I had 72 hours to withdraw my funds. Not only that the email only specified that they instantly cancelled deposits. But then I scroll down and it says to get my funds out I had to exchange them back into fiat, which would have had fees as well. Not that it mattered since I had already withdrew. And now I’ve got nothing. They won’t reimburse me. Oh and get this they deleted the email.

(Update) just got a reply from kraken and my funds are back thanks 🙏 I’m guessing the account got reopened

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DEBATE Money Supreme


Been observing r/darknet for many years as a means to track Moneros adoption.

It’s incredible how Monero has risen to the top as a money and people within the cryptocurrency market and legacy market are sleeping on this fact.

Everyone can take the time to scroll through the endless posts that show empirically that the only money being used in underbelly markets, the same markets that made Bitcoin famous, are now exclusively using Monero.

Bitcoin is not fungible, private, anonymous money and markets of consequence have abandoned it for this reason.

Anyone defending Bitcoin is either uneducated or lying for personal gain.

Monero is money supreme until proven otherwise and the evidence is available for all to see.

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DISCUSSION Are you bullish on BCH yet?


Most of the time when I bring up BCH in this sub, it gets downvoted to hell. But over time, people seem to have become more amicable to BCH.

This post is to measure sentiment :) How do you feel about BCH in 2023, and how do you feel about its future?

I think most of the crypto space is witnessing and understanding the various weaknesses in BTC, and are waiting for the best alternatives to reveal themselves. Obviously ETH and friends have been quite popular over the past few years, but it seems that there's more focus on ETH friends (like Polygon or Solana) than there is on ETH itself nowadays.

Actually, on that note, it's hard to tell what market participants value the most nowadays, when it comes to crypto technology and principles. Most people seem not to care about custodians or centralized chains.

I can tell you what I value: true decentralization, censorship-resistance, speed, user-friendliness, cost to transact, long-term future potential. And BCH has all of those qualities. Yet people still overlook it, presumably due to its very tumultuous history.

Have you guys taken a look at BCH's CashTokens yet? It's a protocol upgrade that released on May 15 of this year. It allows BCH to have smart contract capabilities that rival Ethereum, but with a massive scaling advantage since BCH uses the UTXO model. We can now truly build the entire global financial system on BCH. We haven't even scratched the surface of the possibilities yet...

I think the future is extremely bright for BCH. It's really never been in a better position than it is in right now. Sure, the price isn't great right now, but the upside potential is huge - it's a great buy opportunity. We got our shit together, ousted our bad actors, built great tech, and focused on positive community building!

If you haven't taken a close look at BCH in a few years, why don't you come get a fresh perspective? There's never been a better time.

Thanks for reading :)

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GENERAL-NEWS Jack Dorsey endorses fellow Bitcoin advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for president—and predicts he’ll win


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GENERAL-NEWS XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Has a 3% Chance of Winning Against SEC


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GENERAL-NEWS Is Ron DeSantis Right? Only 16% of Americans Support a CBDC in Latest Poll - Decrypt

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ANALYSIS Eth Technical Analysis


At this time Eth looks to be entering long term accumulation zones. With the current decline in prices Eth could find footing in the mid to low 1,700 ranges before finding a consistent consolidation area. MACD has significant bearish momentum with no signs or a sentiment changing at this time.


On the long term Eth has entered a strong accumulation zone with good buying pressure below 1,680 so I see this as the potential bottom or a strong bullish resistance to watch for a consolidation zone as new trend emerge. If significant buying pressure steps back in Eth could see a rebound as high as 1,960.


On the short them charts Eth looks to be finding a consolidation zone with bullish resistance picking up.


With current trends Eth has potential to find consolidation at the levels but could go as low as 1,640 in the near future but also has the is potential to rise back to around 1,840 as current trends develop. At this time a complete test of long term moving averages could also go as low as 1,600.


And one all time chart for zoom out ;)


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GENERAL-NEWS Benjamin Cowen Issues Alert, Says 2023 Bitcoin Top Likely Already In As Potential Recession Looms


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COMEDY [Satire] Hundreds of Subreddits join r CryptoCurrency in a 48 hour Reddit black-out in protest against Gary Gensler


Gary Gensler has declared the following Crypto Currencies Securities











The sub will not stand for this attack and with the backing of dozens of other subreddits have organized a site blackout to teach Gary Gensler a lesson.

Gary Gensler is very active in a few subs that I can't named here to keep the post safe for work but for 48 hours those subs will be gone and he won't be able to get his jollies off. Perhaps this will teach him to stop coming after ATOM which is not a security.

The movement has already gained main stream medias attention.


The sub currently has the details in a pinned post on the front page of the sub


Make sure to join in this protest against Gary by avoiding Reddit on June 12th - 14th.

check on all the other subs you frequent because they are probably participating in the same blackout which has been dubbed the Reddit API blackout.

Atom is Positively not Involved in being a security

TLDR: ATOM is not a security

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DISCUSSION Scenarios where Your non custodial wallet can be hacked


Well , I am not expert.......Please correct me If I mention something wrong.....Happy to learn things

As Far as I know ......Non custodial wallet are safe If you know how to properly use them....As there is no centralized server where wallet details is store...so server side hacking is impossible ....like in MT GOX, Bitfinex cases

The things that hack your Non custodial wallet

  1. quantum computer
  2. You do not download wallet from trusted source .....You download some wrong wallet
  3. Your Mobile/Desktop has some sort of malware/spyware
  4. You unintentionally leak your seed

except the quantum computer risk....all can be face easily ....If you are careful enough......What are the other cases....which I do not mention ?

Expert comments are welcome

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Virtual Reality Tokens Surge 8% as Traders Await Apple's VR Headset Release


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LEGACY Bitcoin has by far been the best-performing asset of the whole decade. Something we can not ignore.


While we all may feel a bit down nowadays as Bitcoin and Crypto have just been going sideways for the past days or even down. Right now BTC sits at -20% losses trough the last three months, which clearly show our slow crawl downwards, those are by far the worst and most boring times to be here. But as many wise people have always been saying, during such challenging times we should just “zoom out“.

By doing so you will actually realise the power and what a force Bitcoin has been over the past years, or may I even say the past decade… With Cryptos short history a decade is basically all of it, so looking at the performance in the last decade we are looking at the performance of the first ever decade for Crypto and it has been a force indeed.

All Assets performance from 2011 to 2023, by CharlieBilello

Here we can see an official report of the bets performing assets over the whole last decade, from 2011 to 2023. Firstly we can say that out of the last twelve years BTC has been the best performing asset for 9 years and all of those has been coming consecutively in a three bundle, followed by one bear year. This results in jaw-breaking performance of 8.996.675%, over 8 millions percentage gains, unbelievable. The closest to Crypto comes NASDAQ with a way lower 160% gains over those years.

Now of course many would like to denigrate the force Bitcoin has been over the years, but the stats can not lie. Bitcoin has made Crypto dominate the last decade in the financial sector like probably no other asset did on that magnitude in it‘s early years. Now lets hope BTC just has a a bit of that vim left and the next decade will still be amazing even with lower gains.

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GENERAL-NEWS SEC Sues Binance and CEO Zhao for Breaking US Securities Rules


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🔴 UNRELIABLE SOURCE Terra Classic shoots 30% in a day; Why is LUNC price rising?


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GENERAL-NEWS Travala.com Monthly Report: May 2023


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DISCUSSION The Rise of DEXs Could Have a Significant Impact on the Cryptocurrency Industry

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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Binance Regulatory Woes: Richard Teng Eyed As Possible Successor To CZ


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ANALYSIS Cryptocurrencies, sports trading cards and junk wax


or why most coins are just junk

In the 50s, baby boomers collected sports cards as kids. When they grew up, they went back to their parents' home to find out that their parents had thrown lots of their childhood toys/cards away.
As working adults with an income some tried to buy back their childhood cards and toys, and found out they were pretty valuable. They were valuable because lots of them had originally been thrown out by their parents.

When baby boomers became parents themselves (80s), they applied this line of thinking and bought tens of thousands of dollars of sports cards for their children (gen x). College fund level. They thought these cards would become valuable exactly as their cards from the 50s. They bought en masse, multiple copies, some of them to use, others to stash in the closet for 20-30 years. They waited for their value to go to the moon.

Of course, this did not happen. What happened was a complete saturation of the market and the shops in the 90s were full of boxes of sport cards of the previous years 5$ each. They did not sell, nobody wanted them. This "crisis" was solved by the card companies buying back this huge excess of cards and burning it. Some companies failed, other managed to learn and not to repeat the same error of oversaturation. This became known as the "junk wax era" of sports trading cards.

With lots and lots of shitcoins, the cryptocurrencies situation can somewhat considered similar to the "junk wax era" of sports cards. People hoarding these coins and waiting patiently for them to go to the moon. Most probably, these coins won't go anywhere, or just down into the ground. Among other things, Bitcoin probaby hugely increased in value because people were using it (silkroad) and not just hoarding it waiting for it to go to the moon.


This does not constitutes financial advice, or any kind of advice in general really.

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GENERAL-NEWS Gary Gensler Is a National Disgrace: It’s Time to Rein Him In


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GENERAL-NEWS Tether invests in El Salvador's $1B renewable energy project


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🟢 GENERAL-NEWS Speculation mounts on Central Asian country to announce Bitcoin treasury holding


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TECHNOLOGY The Power of a Circular Economy in the Blockchain and Crypto World


In the world of finance, there's a revolution taking place - and it revolves around the idea of a "circular economy." This concept, often utilized in sustainable development, has recently found a compelling application within the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

What is a circular economy? In essence, it is an economic system designed to eliminate waste and the continual use of resources. It promotes the reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling to create a closed-loop system. This minimizes the use of resources and the creation of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. A circular economy is self-perpetuating and ideally infinite in its value generation.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have provided fertile ground for the circular economy concept. In the crypto world, a circular economy can create a sustainable ecosystem that perpetually generates value for users. It does this by finding ways to incentivize users to acquire and use their token, while controlling the value extraction.

To maintain the integrity of the system, all gains created within the ecosystem - whether from transaction fees or investment revenue - are circulated back into the system. The result? A self-sustaining economy that preserves and increases its value as long as the protocol continues to be used, benefiting all token holders and investors.

As an example, let's look at Common Wealth. It's an innovative investment platform that applies the circular economy concept to its fullest potential. The platform has implemented a transactional tokenomics model, where value flows into the economy primarily through platform transaction fees, fund management fees, and carry fees from investments.

In the Common Wealth model, the value extraction is carefully controlled and returned to the community. The circular economy model ensures zero unnecessary leakage, preserving and increasing value perpetually. It's a shining example of how circular economies can drive the future of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and finance as a whole.

Welcome to the brave new world of sustainable finance. Welcome to the era of the circular economy on the blockchain.

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DISCUSSION Hong Kong’s regulatory lead sets it up to be major crypto hub


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EXCHANGES Unable to unstake ETH - sold ETH2 to ETH with discount now

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