r/Cricket Chennai Super Kings May 04 '21

BREAKING: The BCCI has indefinitely suspended IPL2021 Proxy Megathread


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u/mynameisrainer USA May 04 '21

This sucks but from the news coming out of India was inevitable. I'm actually very amazed how long this got to last. I wish everyone in that area of the world the best of health in these terrible times. Hopefully people there understand the severity of this disease and will follow through with lockdowns, vaccines etc. But with 1 billion + people it seems logistically impossible.

I want to thank everyone who welcomed me into game threads and taught me a lot about this sport. I have to be the resident expert in my extended metro area (which isnt too big)

What cricket can I watch now? I have willow.tv.


u/Nutella_S3npai Chennai Super Kings May 04 '21

Aww shucks r/cricket loved having you here man. And I hope you're gonna stay for longer:)

I suggest the Pakistan vs Zimbabwe tour and the County Championship starts on Thursday streaming on youtube